The entire MMNA Convention Utsav comes alive with culmination of ‘Tan, Mann, Dhan’ ke CONTRIBUTIONS of MMNA Parivar members and their well-wishers. We humbly seek your gracious support by way of Sponsorships / Donations for MMNA Convention 2024.

IMRC has two ‘major’ cash inflows: 

Our MMNA Parivar has donated with an open heart, supporting our community's cause in past MMNA Conventionswe count on your continued support for MMNA Convention 2024

Benefits of Sponsoring the MMNA Convention 2024


Click above or find the brochure below!

IMRC 2024 Sponsorship Brochure - 02.01.2024.pdf

THANK YOU in advance for your support!

For more information or additional questions, please contact any of the MMNA Convention Conveners, members of the Fundraising Committee or email us at sponsorimrc@mmna.org