Countdown to

MMNA Convention 2024!

Labor Day Weekend

Friday, August 30th - Monday, Sept 2nd, 2024

Philadelphia, PA

Over the past 40 years, the MMNA Convention has been a culmination and melting pot of all Maheshwari’s across North America and beyond. The convention will continue to provide a forum for all Maheshwari’s to celebrate, connect and rise together.

As descendents of Shiv-Parvati, let’s celebrate our SANSKRITI (rich cultural roots), recognize the PRAGATI (evolution) and extend our SAMRIDDHI (prosperity).

Prepare to be inspired by distinguished speakers, engaging activities, and to relish mouth-watering Marwari rasoi.

Padharo Sa - MMNA Convention 2024 Mein Aapro Swagat Hai!

Your registration marks the beginning of an enriching experience filled with knowledge-sharing, cultural immersion, and networking opportunities. 

Registration now open for our MMNA Parivar GLOBALLY! 


Sheraton Philadephia Downtown

201 N 17th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Memories from Past Conventions